There are many of us here at Dia Partnership that have joined together in order to promote the welfare of our mother the earth.  We are not the only ones, and that’s why we are building this website.  We want more people to contribute to this site and the cause as a whole so that we can push the proper education to the young people of this wretched society.  There is so much wrong going on now, and we need to turn over a new leaf.

green treeThink about all of the possible environments of the earth’s ecosystem.  In the air, we put airplanes and wind turbines that result in the death of many of our bird and insect brothers.  We put electrical wires all through the sky and blast them with electromagnetic radiation from satellites.  Think about the oceans.  We push barges through, carrying trash and oil.  We drag huge nets to collect and eat the ocean brothers.  We hunt them for sport and run over them with jet skis.  We scuba dive with our diving knives and kill off all the little leafy sea dragons.  Think about the forests.  We knock down trees, hunt and hide, we use it to our benefit to blend in, in order to kill.  Consider the rivers and soil that we dump chemicals into.  This is the same water and soil we grow our own food with.  We could be using some of this run off as biomass.  What is biomass, you ask?  Learn about it!  This is insanity we are pushing off and we need to do something about it.  This insanity is done all in the name of trying to figure out how to make more and more money, and it’s disgusting.

Let me show you some of the other websites on the internet that are promoting the good of the planet. Have you ever heard of the push to support local farmers? The reason this is big is that it reduces the need to drive giant trucks, blow through oil and gas, pollute the air, and waste the time of moving fruit and vegetables from giant coporations around the world. There are people called substance abuse counselors that teach people to stop using drugs. People are growing themselves a garden window right there in their own home!  From there, they can eat fresh food, or if they dont’ need it right at the moment, they can save it in mason jars and have it in the off-season, therefore increasing the savings for the planet into the future.  This is just one of the ways you as a single person can help with this mission of saving our planet.  There are many other ways to hop on board!

Another great way to contribute is to make sure you buy everything that you can possibly by in a used state.  There is no reason for us to throw something perfect away and force all of these people and machines to be sent to work to create one more new version.  For instance, if you need a couch, why not find some used furniture Los Angeles can provide, since you already live there.  That’s one less truck shipping a couch across the United States, and one less factory in production mode.